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Some people born in this year does not have to be 18 yet. Please fill in day and month of your birth.

Spice up your day with
Kozel Cinnamon Art

Beer with cinnamon? Really? Really! If you are a fan of Kozel Dark,
you will love Kozel Cinnamon Art. A little sprinkle of cinnamon on top of the rich foam
will spice up your day. Try it at home!

How to make it?
It’s easy, just follow
Olda’s these steps

Procedure 1

Kozel Dark

Plus icon
Procedure 2


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Procedure 3


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Procedure 4

Kozel Pale

Pour a nicely chilled Kozel Dark into a clean and wet mug. Place stencil on top of the mug
and sprinkle it with love and cinnamon. Voilà! Kozel Cinnamon Art in all its beauty.
Now you are a true artist. Cheers to that!

Let the Kozel beer
spreak for you

Kozel Cinnamon Art is not only fun to drink, but also fun to serve.
That’s why we have prepared a set of playful stencils, which you can print at home
and use them to express yourself in a new and unique way ;-)


Choose your stencil

Stencil Beer
Stencil Glasses
Stencil Cute
Stencil Kiss
Stencil Joy
Stencil Glasses

Create your own Cinnamon art

Create, share & win a pair
of kozel sneakers

Are you the next Olda van Goat?

Then win a pair of Kozel sneakers
We believe that our Kozel Cinnamon Art will not only bring
you joy, but it will also awaken in you a true beer artist. That’s why we will reward
the best creations with a pair of custom made Kozel Sneakers.Just share your
Cinnamon Art on Instagram with hashtags #KozelCinnamonArt #KozelFunPour


Welcome to the (Inter)National

We have turned people from all around the world into true beer artists.
Have a look and get inspired. Please, don’t touch the exhibits. Drink it at home.


Question 1

How much cinnamon to put in?

Answer 1

Few grams are fully OK as cinnamon is very aromatic and in case of a massive use, it will totally mask all the flavours of DARK. For example just sprinkle the top of the beer head in order to enjoy the combination of flavours.

Question 2

In what form should the cinnamon be? Cinnamon powder/regular powder from the store?

Answer 2

Cinnamon powder, you buy in a store, is OK.

Fun isn’t over. Let’s twist it with Kozel Mix

Pale or Dark? Dark or Pale? A hard question, but the answer is Kozel Mix.
Discover another fun pour or explore all of them.

Let’s mix
Kozel Pale & Dark
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the fun pours
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